(créé par) Lucia™ is a Dutch luxury brand built on a personal vision for a brand that merges the Caribbean culture & the creation of high-end clothing into one. Lucia takes you on a journey of learning more about & celebrating the rich culture by conveying it into luxury garment and ready-to-wear collections. This venture introduces fresh creations to the public, exuding beauty and elegance for the wearer, while also mirroring the vibrant community they represent.
The Lucia aesthetic brings together luxury and leisurewear with a refreshing touch of Caribbean influences. Every creation embodies the pinnacle of reflects comfort, elegance, and the brand's skillful reinterpretation of the island's vibrant culture, making them ideal for lavish getaways or casual wear.
"Lucia presents a modern viewpoint on luxury clothing influenced by Caribbean culture."

Sens {meaning}

The meaning behind the brand name
Créé {kʀee}
Is a French word that refers to the word created in English

Par {paʀ}
Also a French word that means by in English and refers to the team that helps bring the ideas to life.

Lucia {loo-see-ah}
Refers to the creative team and is the family name of the Founder and Creative Director Jayrone Lucia


Our community embraces diversity, bonding over a shared love for fashion and self-expression.

Despite our differences, we unite as a creative force, motivating and supporting each other. Together, we champion a message of unity and acceptance, embodied in our designs, which serve as a language to spread this ethos and foster connection among us.

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